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Rebuilding Trust
Working across generations to refresh the Owner Strategy and bring the family closer together.
It's essential to make the active choice to stay together as a business family rather than assuming a shared purpose.
Philanthropy provides an opportunity to bring the whole family together and connect to the family values.
To make a difference in society, it is ok to unleash the power of self-interest in philanthropy.
Effectively giving back to society takes hard work, but the results will be more than worth it.
Focusing on the benefits that philanthropy creates solely for the good of society severely and unproductively limits its reach.
It's important to discuss your family goals in advance to be successful with your family philanthropic efforts.
Giving back is a priority for most family businesses. Done right, philanthropy can also help sustain a multigenerational enterprise.
Description, Depth, Details, Discussion, Decisions, Consensus. Here's what that looks like.
Your family did the hard work of determining your Owner Strategy. Now what? Use it to guide important strategic decisions.
Josh Baron describes a step-by-step process for crafting your Owner Strategy statement.
Christian D’Amour, a third generation family owner, shares how his family worked through their Owner Strategy process.