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5 Tips to Manage Conflict
With a few conscious steps, you can stop a family business conflict from spiraling before it’s too late.
Even if you must split in business, you can keep familial relationships intact through preparation.
Avoid reaching a "cliff event" by recognizing fake harmony in your family business and taking steps to work it out together.
Families often avoid conflict at all costs because they fear the consequences. That is almost always a mistake.
Ground rules for a fair fight
Emotions can run high when your family business has to make tough decisions. Here’s how to make sure your discussion is productive.
Tips for Escaping a Feud
It’s possible to pull your family back from spiraling conflict. Here’s how families find their way out.
Give someone else credit
The power of appreciation and giving deserved credit to others cannot be underestimated.
Trust is like a Bank Account
Family business owners need to build a foundation of trust to make good decisions together.
Strength through boundariesStrength through boundaries
Implementing structure in a family business can help ensure that everyone understands how decisions are made.
Healthy conflict
Despite what many people think, conflict is not always a bad thing.
Avoiding the conflict spiral
Get ahead of potential problems by creating policies and shock absorbers before you need them.
5 tips to avoid conflict
A few simple steps will help your family and family businesses move forward in a much more positive direction.